Skip to content – 192.168.l00.1 Admin Login – 192.168.l00.1 is a private IP address commonly used at home and offices to manage and change router admin settings. It is mostly used by brands Motorola, Ubee, Arris, Lenovo, Netronix, Planet, ZyXEL, etc.

192.168.l00.1 login is used to login into router admin interface and from the admin page you can manage every setting of your router/modem, from changing SSID to setting a strong password and other useful settings such as Wireless Settings, DSL, ADSL, LAN Settings.

How to Login into

If the router you are having, uses or 192.168.l00.1 ip to login, then follow the below steps to access the router/modem admin dashboard.

Step 1: Open the browser

Open your web browser and type the IP address and hit Enter. login

Note: If an error appears and the webpage keeps loading that means it is not your router’s correct IP address. It’s time to find out the correct login IP address. Check your router’s box to find one or read How to find your Router’s IP Address.

Step 2: Enter the default Username and Password

After typing a login page will prompt where you need to enter the default username and password. Below are popular login combinations for 192.168 l00 1. You may try these:

Default Login  

Step 3: Access router’s admin panel

After a successful login, you can access the router’s admin panel and configure your router the way you want.

About – 192.168.l00.1 IP Address

tp link 192.168.100 1 login router is a private IP address. It is a IPv4 type of network address. It is generally used inside the local area network (LAN) and is used to access the router management interface. But it can be allocated to other devices also such as your smartphone, laptop, or smart TV. One can easily modify admin settings using this ip address.

What is the 192.168 100.1 password?

The default password for 192.168 100.1 is “password” itself. However it is highly recommended to change the default login details as it is easy to predict. Change it to prevent any suspicious activity on your network.

How to change the SSID and Password from


  1. Log in to the management page of your router. Create a password for security, if you are logging in for the first time.
  2. Visit Basic > Wireless.
  3. Under Wireless Settings type your new WiFi name and Password.
  4. Save the settings to apply the changes.

Note: If you have 5GHz connection then you need to enter separate name for 2.4GHz. (For Ex: David_5G and David_4G)


  1. Launch a web browser and enter your IP address or at the address bar.
  2. A login page will prompt, here enter your login details. If you have default settings enter admin/password for the username and password respectively.
  3. To change SSID visit Wireless under BASIC settings > Enable SSID Broadcast > Enter your desired WiFi/SSID name.
  4. Under Security Option select WPA2-PSK[AES] to add extra security and enter in Password (Network Key) field.
  5. Once you have entered the network settings click Apply to save changes.


  1. Log in to the router management dashboard using ip address. (The default username and password for Arris routers are blank. Leave the fields as blank, don’t type anything)
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Wireless tab.
  3. You will see various wireless settings there.
  4. Locate and change both the SSID and your Wi-Fi password from here.

💡 Tip: Use special characters and minimum 8 letters in the password.


  1. Log in to the admin page.
  2. After login, navigate to Wi-Fi Settings > Wi-Fi Basic Settings (If you want to change settings for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections, visit Advanced settings).
  3. Enter a new SSID in the Wi-Fi name.
  4. In Security mode select WPA2-PSK and enter a strong Wi-Fi password.
  5. Save the settings to update the changes.

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Facing issues in login!

You are not alone, many users face this issue when they login the first time.

Don’t worry we have got you covered.

• Invalid IP Address

It is the most common mistake users do. IP addresses aren’t very easy to enter. A single incorrect character may land you to a different page or may don’t load at all. To be on the safe side simply Copy and Paste the IP address ( into the address bar. Only this way you can assure 100% that you have entered the correct IP address.

💡 Remember: The correct IP address is and not 192.168 100, 192.168.l00.1, 192.168 l00 1, 192.168 1001, 192.168 l00 1

• Missing Ethernet Cable

Check your cable connections, especially ethernet cable.

There are numerous types of routers/modem that need physical connection before gaining access to the admin panel. Simply connect your computer to the router using the right Ethernet Cable.

Keep in mind that loose wire connections may not work.

• Faulty Router or Modem

If you still can’t connect to then there’s a possibility that your router is not working properly. The router contains small complex chips, a single loose connection may lead to failure. To fix this, contact your router’s manufacturer.

Got Questions, Read Below

How to find your Router’s IP Address?

To find the IP of your router manually follow the below steps:

For Windows users

  • Open Command Prompt (CMD) Start > Search Box > cmd
  • Type “ipconfig” and hit enter.
  • You will see the default gateway. It is your default IP (internet protocol) address.
  • On Windows, it will look like this.

For macOS users

  • Open Apple Menu in the top left and select ‘System Preferences’
  • Open network tab and select the network connection
  • Click on Advance and click on TCP/IP
  • You will find the IP address on the right.

192.168.l00.1 not Working

If the IP address is not working then there may be 2 possibilities.

First, cross-check that you are entering the correct IP address, and the second check for any loose wire connection that may be causing network interruption.

I forgot my Router’s username and password

router reset locate

Reset your router

Use admin, admin or else reset your router. Look the reset button at the back of the router and press it for around 10 seconds till it starts blinking. Turn off and turn on, your router is now reset to it’s factory settings.

Router Brands That Use Ip Address for Login

Smart RgAskey
PlanetAmbit Microsystems
NetGearZy Xel

Other Popular IP

The CORRECT Way to Write the Ip Address:

There are only 2 ways to write the IP address in your browser’s address/URL bar are:


However, if above ip don’t work you may try these 192.168.l00.1, 192.168 100 or 192.168 l00 1

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To log in to your 192.168.l00.1 router’s admin dashboard, all you need to do is type into the address bar and press Enter and then type the admin username and password.

By following above mentioned steps you can gain admin panel access and view, change or update your router’s settings.

In case if any of the above steps doesn’t work for you, please contact your router manufacturer for support.