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How to Find Router IP Address?

In this blog, we’ll show you 2 methods of how to find the router IP address. You can try any of 2 following methods and you’ll get access to the web interface of the routers admin panel where you can tweak settings according to your needs.

Method 1: Find sticker back of your router

Nowadays, almost all the major router and modem has a sticker on the bottom or back mentioning all the necessary details like username, password, and IP address.


How to Find Router IP Address? | What is My IP Address?


If you find the sticker then write down information like IP address, username, and password, that needs to login into the router admin panel. If your router does not have a sticker so don’t worry let’s move to our second method which will work for any kind of router or modem.

Method 2: Using network setting to find the router IP


Click on the window icon and search for CMD or Press Win+R > type CMD > Enter. This will open a command prompt window, In this window, you need to type ipconfig and enter, now find the default gateway.


Windows default gateway


Mac OS

Are you a Mac user? So don’t worry because you have 2 ways to find the IP address.

  1. Click on the Apple Menu on top of your screen, Choose System Preference then Network.  You will see a bunch of available networks. Choose the right network to connect that you need to find the IP address, Click Advance, Now click on the TCP/IP tab, look at the right you find the IP address.
  2.   The second way is to open the Launchpad and type terminal in the search box. A Terminal will open where you have to type the next command that is netstat -nr | grep default and press enter. You will get the router IP next to the text default.

MacOS Router IP Address



Android has the easiest and fastest way to get the default IP address of your router that is simply to download an app from the App store.

  • Open Google App Store
  • Search for WI-Fi Analyzer or check out here
  • Install and Open the app.
  • Tap on View and select AP list.
  • Search for Connected to: [Network Name], and tap.
  • A new window will pop up with all the important information including the default router IP address.


Linux has a vast number of distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS, Deepin Linux, Arch Linux, and many more but you’ll find a network icon in the notification area of most Linux distros. Tap on the icon and choose Connection Information. You will find the IP address next to the string Default Gateway or Router.

In case you can’t find the notification area then you should try this method:

  • Open a Terminal Window, by going to Application > System Tools > Terminal
  • Now type ip router | grep default or ifconfig in the terminal and hit enter.
  • You will find the default IP address.


Linux IP Address


iPhone iOS

  • Go to Settings WIFI
  • Tap the currently connected network
  • Find the DHCP section, and here is your IP address.


IOS IP Address



  • Click on the Notification area in the taskbar.
  • You will see Connected to (Your Network Name). Click on it
  • Search for a tab called Network, and here is your IP address.


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We hope you have successfully found your router IP address if not please comment down below on what are the difficulty you are facing in this process we will answer your comments as soon as possible.

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I knew the normal method where we search on the internet that what is my ip but today i learnt a new method.


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